Garden Wedding Hire Tips

Garden weddings are arguably one of the most common types of weddings today. They enable guests to enjoy natural, outdoor environments on your wedding day. It not only helps keep guests calm but also sets an excellent atmosphere and mood for your big day. Furthermore, an outdoor venue allows you to accommodate more guests and ensure spacious seating. Finally, you can be confident that photos from your garden wedding will create lasting memories. So, are you interested in a garden wedding? Below are some valuable tips. 

Choosing An Appropriate Venue

Narrowing it down to a specific venue can be a bit challenging. Nonetheless, you should a venue based on your wedding needs as opposed to what friends or relatives have used in the past. Location is a critical concern. The venue should be accessible to your guests. Additionally, it should have support utilities such as adequate parking and security and clean washrooms. Accommodation facilities will enable guests to sleep at the venue on the day before or after the wedding. 

Assess the features of the garden space. For instance, trees will offer shade and block the sun's rays. A water feature, a well-mowed lawn, flower beds, and an amazing background or horizon will make the venue more appealing. Finally, assess the size of the venue to establish whether it accommodate your guests.  

Check The Terms Of Venue Hire

Availability should be an essential consideration. For instance, for how many hours is the venue available? Remember, you need time to set up the tents, décor, sound, and lighting. If possible, you should be in a position to conduct these activities the night before the wedding or a few hours before guests arrive. Moreover, inquire how much space is available. Busy venues could compel you to share the grounds with another wedding party. 

Inquire about the terms of admission. For example, does management allow you to bring your preferred service providers (caterers and event hire companies)? If not, you should thoroughly assess the facility's services to ensure that they are up to standard. Ask about noise restrictions. This is especially important if you will have an evening party at the venue. 

Organising The Venue

Inspect the venue with your service providers and event planner to determine how to erect tents and decorate the venue. Consult with your caterer to establish a suitable method of service. You should also plan for the worst. For instance, you should have an additional tent to be used in case of a sudden weather change. Also, have a backup power source. 

When planning a garden venue, choose an appropriate venue, check the rental terms and consider the recommended execution tips. Contact a company like Party People for more information.