Midnight Delivery – Important Game Update

Midnight Delivery has now been around three months since we globally launched Midnight Delivery and now it is time for an update.

Summary of Changes:

  • Change of monetization – Demo And Paywall
  • Change of skin unlocks – Star requirements
  • “Don’t Be A ****”
    • Anyone having spend money will be getting the premium access
    • Anyone who have already played more than the demo will have temporary premium access
  • Quality of life improvements
    • Interaction changes to avoid accidental mistakes
    • Skins are now changeable during a level
    • Hint-awareness

The amount of revenue that Midnight Delivery has generated since its release has been underwhelming, to say the least.

As such we have decided to switch our approach, from a free-to-play model to one employing a paywall. Granted, “paywall” sounds worse than it actually is.

We do this because we believe Midnight Delivery is not suitable for a free-to-play model, due to its deterministic game design. Our previous approach of displaying ads when requesting a hint were not as attractive a service as we initially thought.

Those of you who have spent your hard-earned money on Midnight Delivery until now, your money will not be lost. You will have access to the game’s full content after the update.

Those of you have have completed more than 20 levels before the update, will also have access to the game’s full content, unless you reinstall the game.

Additional changes that will ship with the update will be a new skin selection screen, which doesn’t require you to leave your current game, an ads-free hint system and a series of quality-of-life improvements such as subtle in game notifications and updates to the interaction scheme.

We would also like to give a big thank you, to all our players who have contributed with levels through our level editor. We have received more than 100 levels. Some of them are brilliantly designed, a few of which we’re still struggling to complete.

We hope you will enjoy these changes.

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Not Even at Casual Connect

A month has passed since our adventure abroad and in short: Casual Connect was a hoot in a hat. So we were pretty damn happy about bringing the hats.


If we seem a bit overjoyed it is simply due to how well Midnight Delivery was received!

The most notable takeaway for us at Not Even Entertainment as first time conference goers were as follows.

Standing out the best we could was worth while. We attempted to do so with our hats and got great feedback for it. People stepping up and saying “what’s with the hats” as well as the extra amount of smiles we received were good telltales for the successfulness of our attempt.

It was tougher than we thought it would be. Standing, talking, and being “ON” took a greater toll than we imagined. We were exhausted to the point where we needed naps every time we returned to the hotel.

No need to book meetings with third party providers. Ad firms, data analysis services, etc. were so interested in getting in contact with us that they sought us out regardless. We wasted our time by setting up actual meetings with them.

Getting people to play the game. There were clear differences between whether or not we put effort into engaging the audience. As opposed to when we took breaks, we would easily get 5 times as many people to play Midnight Delivery when we engaged people and asked. “Hello, my name is ___, would you like to try our game?” followed with a handshake and a smile did wonders.
Observing over a hundred users during Casual Connect also provided us with valuable insight to changes we needed to make, and changes we could make. As so, we will be releasing an overhaul of Midnight Delivery in the near future. A later post will detail the changes of this overhaul.

Casual Connect was a blast. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check this out:

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