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Midnight Delivery – Free mobile puzzle game (Our first game! Yey!)

Like we said in our first ever dev blog post, it’s “later in the week” so we’re going to tell you a few things about our first ever game: Midnight Delivery.

Midnight Delivery - Free mobile puzzle game

Midnight Delivery – free mobile puzzle game

Midnight Delivery is a  free mobile puzzle game that will test your spatial awareness, by making you virtually move a box from one point to another. We know it’s sounds simple, and it is…it is deceptively simple.

But as original as that setup sounds – moving a box from one spot to another – we do owe quite a lot of that inspiration from a now almost-ancient game, coming from the long-long ago of 2007, a time when Flash games ruled the landscape. Actually, that game is still out there on the Internets for you to find – it is called Bloxorz.

Three different layers of difficulty

With Midnight Delivery we wanted to offer a considerably more complete and varied experience to our players. So we give you a choice between 3 different sizes of crates. This allows for quite a varied number of very different puzzles.


You can easily eat up a few hours solving the 100 levels that we will ship with the game, but there is potential for much more than that.

Because we’re also throwing in our level editor so that each and every one of our users can create and then share their custom-made levels.

Midnight Delivery level editor

Once you’ve created a deviously difficult Midnight Delivery level, you’ll be ready to set it loose upon the world, or just your friends.

Expect them to assault you with invectives or praise your level design skills. Don’t simply laugh off that last one, because if you’re level gets a certain number of Likes, then you get some very special skins.

But more on the skins, after we launch the game.

Midnight Delivery will be available on the Google Play Store starting with the 15th of December 2015 for Danish users, with the iOS version coming very soon after that.

International users will have to wait for a few weeks, but we’ll get to them, don’t worry.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, here’s a trailer for the game! 😀 #midnightdelivery

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