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Midnight Delivery is now global!

We are super-duper glad to announce that…


Midnight Delivery is now available worldwide.

You can find it on the:
Google Play Store
iOS App Store
Amazon Store
Windows Store

From Alaska to Zanzibar and everywhere in between, regardless of platform preference, we got you covered.

We are totally taking everything over!

It’s been a bit since our last update but we’ve been rather busy. In this time, we moved to a slightly larger office – a whole square meter larger! – we also engaged in a mini weekend-long game jam alongside our friends from StonePlant Studios – more on that later – and we’re also super busy in preparing to attend several events in the very-near future.

During this time we also took in the feedback from our regional release and implemented some interesting updates for the global release of Midnight Delivery.

There are lots of things that will be occupying our time in the near future, we’ll try our best to keep you updated, so we suggest you head on over and subscribe to our Facebook page and Twitter account. We tend to update those more often with quick bits of information and images.

Until our next blog update, make sure you let your friends from across the globe know that they can now get their own Midnight Delivery!

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