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Midnight Delivery is RELEASED!

We did it! Midnight Delivery is released and available from the Google Play Store!

midnight-delivery-googleplaystorescreencapAnd just in time for a well-deserved winter holiday over here at the Not Even Entertainment office.

For the time being, Midnight Delivery can only be downloaded by Danish users. But we will be working on making it available for international and iOS users in the very near future.

We’ve been working hard to get the game ready for release before the end of 2015 and we plan on taking a short break. We’ll be recharging our batteries over the winter holiday and return with full-on energy to tweak and release Midnight Delivery for iOS and international users, most likely at the start of 2016.

Until our next dev blog update, we’re really looking forward to seeing the feedback we get from the community in regards to Midnight Delivery.

Try the game out and don’t hesitate to leave us reviews on the Google Play Store, as well as make use of the screencap feature to share your progress on social media. In case you found a bug or glitch, let us know at: contact@notevenentertainment.com

You’ll still find us during this winter holiday active on social media, especially on our Twitter account, use #midnightdelivery and/or @NotEvenEnter to attract our attention.

Tell your friends about Midnight Delivery!

This winter season don’t think outside the box, be the box!


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